The Scriptural References Database is a collection scriptural reflections, sermon starters, and exegesis related to gender, sexuality, and reproductive justice. We hope religious leaders, seminarians, theologians, and people of faith will use this resource to enrich their preaching and reflection on sacred texts.

Each entry consists of a scriptural reference and some sort of reflection or guidance related to gender, sexuality, or reproductive justice.

This resource is a continually evolving, and new scriptural references are added regularly.

How to use the Scripture References search:

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Advent 1B – Isaiah 64:1-9, 1 Corinthians 1:3-9, Mark 13:24-37

Content In the first reading, Isaiah describes how way the people of God are separated from the ways of God, confessing their misdeeds and transgressions. Isaiah pleads with God for reconciliation, for God to “tear…

Proper 8B – 2 Samuel 1:1, 17-27; Psalm 130; Mark 5:21-43

Content In the reading from 2 Samuel, David laments for lost lives of those he loved. In his mourning, he speaks of his love for Jonathan –“greatly beloved were you to me; your love to…

Trinity Sunday B – John 3:1-17

Content Nicodemus talks with Jesus, and Jesus speaks about the importance of being born from above, or being born anew. Nicodemus asks Jesus, “How can anyone be born after having grown old?” Jesus replies emphasizing…

Easter 7B – John 17: 6-19

Content In the 17th chapter of John’s gospel, Jesus is praying to God in the prayer just before his crucifixion. In this particular portion of the prayer, Jesus prays for the unity and protection of…

Pentecost C – Acts 2: 1-21

Gilead Sabbath ›› Worship Resources ›› Sermon Starters ›› May 15—Pentecost C Content This passage from Acts describes the coming of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes on the day of Pentecost, a Jewish festival celebrated fifty…

Vayeshev – Genesis 37:1-40:23

Content Click the the photo to learn more about this image from a Judeo-Persian transcription of the tale of Yusuf [Joseph] and Zulaikha.Parashat Vayeshev continues the narrative of the Patriarchs and…

Acherei Mot/Kedoshim – Leviticus 16:1-20:27

Gilead Sabbath ›› Worship Resources ›› Sermon Starters ›› Acherei Mot/Kedoshim Content These Torah portions contain a number of different accounts of God speaking to Moses and giving him guidelines around ways of living – in relation to God-self,…