Responsive Reading about Sex Education

We are committed to the spiritual, emotional and physical health of all people.

We seek to develop the wisdom, values and morality that promote our sexual well-being.

As people of faith committed to justice, we speak out for comprehensive sexuality education for the young people in our community.

Our commitment to truth-telling commands us to seek full and honest sexuality education.

Our young people struggle in a culture that models sexuality without responsibility.
They need to know there is a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing.

We will not leave our young people alone on this journey.

As people of faith, we commit to education through the lifespan, so that all may affirm the goodness of creation, our bodies and our sexuality.

We will not leave anyone alone on this journey.

We call for sexuality education that respects the whole person, honors diverse values and promotes ethical human relationships.

We pray that all will celebrate sexuality with joy, holiness and integrity – with understanding, respect and responsibility.

Based on the Open Letter to Religious Leaders about Sex Education

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