Facts on Support for Sexuality Education

Americans overwhelmingly favor responsible and comprehensive sexuality education that includes accurate information about abstinence and contraception, including:Lake, Snell, Perry and Associates, National Survey on Religion and Choice
(Washington, D.C.: Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, 2000).

  • 76% of those who identify as Protestants
  • 85% of those who identify as Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Lutheran, or
    United Church of Christ
  • 79% of Methodists
  • 57% of Baptists
  • 74% of Roman Catholics
  • 62% of those who identify as born-again Christians
  • 67% of those who identify as fundamentalist/evangelical

Christian clergy favor sexuality education and open discussion of sexuality issues in their religious communities:Ibid.

  • More than 90% of Protestant and Jewish clergy believe individuals can benefit from discussions of sexuality issues in worship services, youth groups, religious school, and adult education.
  • African-American pastors are among the most supportive; 80% agree that Christian education should include sexuality issues.

Broad public support for informative and complete sexuality curricula is found across ideological and religious lines:

  • A majority of voters in nearly every demographic category, including Roman Catholics and evangelical Christians, support comprehensive sex education.Peter D. Hart Research Associates, Inc., “Memorandum: Application of Research Findings,” (Washington, DC: Planned Parenthood Federation of America and National Women’s Law Center, 12 July 2007), accessed 2 October 2007.
  • A majority of self-described evangelical or born-again Christians support sexuality education that includes information about availability of instructions on how to use contraceptives and being taught in schools.Sex Education in America: General Public/Parents Survey, (Washington, DC: National Public Radio, Kaiser Family Foundation, Kennedy School of Government, 2004), Table 3.
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