Location-Specific LGBTQ Organizations

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Location-Specific LGBTQ Organizations

Across the globe, there are many different groups of activists and organizers working to secure the rights, health, and security of LGBTQ people within a specific geographic context. Here is a non-exhaustive list of those location-specific LGBTQ organizations. Take some time to learn more about these organizations and consider how your community might support the work that they do.


The Coalition of African Lesbians

Freedom and Roam Uganda

Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya

The Gay and Lesbian Equality Project (South Africa)

Gender Dynamix in South Africa

Horizon Community Organization Rwanda

Iranti  – South African queer human rights visual media organization

LEGABIBO (Botswana)

Liberty Africa Youth Foundation – Uganda


Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG)

Spectrum Uganda 

Triangle Project (South Africa)


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North America

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South America

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*The Religious Institute is not currently in direct relationship with any of these organizations and does not provide expressed endorsement of the work that they do. We trust individuals and communities of faith to be informed and responsible in working with these organizations.

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