A Responsive Reading Based on the Religious Declaration on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing

Sexuality is God’s life-giving and life-fulfilling gift.

We celebrate our sexuality as central to our humanity and as integral to our spirituality.

We suffer because of the pain, brokenness, oppression and loss of meaning that too many experience about their sexuality.

We celebrate the goodness of creation, our bodies and our sexuality.

We suffer when this sacred gift is abused or exploited. 

We celebrate sexuality that expresses love, justice, mutuality, commitment, consent and pleasure.

We suffer because of discrimination against people because of sex, gender, color, age, bodily condition, marital status or sexual orientation.

We celebrate when we are truth seeking, courageous and just.

We suffer because of violence against women and sexual minorities and the HIV pandemic.

We celebrate the full inclusion of women and LGBT persons in our congregation’s life.

We suffer because of unsustainable population growth and overconsumption, and the commercial exploitation of sexuality.

We celebrate those who challenge sexual oppression and who work for sexual justice.

Together: God rejoices when we celebrate our sexuality with holiness and integrity.


(c) Religious Institute 2014. For a pdf version, click here.


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