Responsive Readings Related to Sexuality Education

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A Responsive Reading Based on the Religious Declaration on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing

Sexuality is God’s life-giving and life-fulfilling gift. We celebrate our sexuality as central to our humanity and as integral to our spirituality. We suffer because of the pain, brokenness, oppression and loss of meaning that too many experience about their sexuality. We celebrate the goodness of creation, our bodies and our sexuality. We suffer when […]

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Blessing of Safer Sex Kits

Blessings of Safer Sex Kits “Out of the Darkness” World Aids Day Service 2008 by Krishna Stone based on the work of Anat Schenker-Osario and Alyssa Wulf Creator of all names, we bless the condoms as we support people: to see sexuality understood as a natural part of who we are as individuals, a part […]

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Responsive Reading on Adolescent Sexuality

We affirm that sexuality is a divinely bestowed blessing at every stage of life. May every family and faith community help adolescents embrace their sexuality.  Young people pay too high a price when adults ignore their responsibility to help them understand, affirm and embrace their sexuality. A moral sexuality demands self-understanding, respect and self-discipline.  When […]

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Responsive Reading about Sex Education

We are committed to the spiritual, emotional and physical health of all people. We seek to develop the wisdom, values and morality that promote our sexual well-being. As people of faith committed to justice, we speak out for comprehensive sexuality education for the young people in our community. Our commitment to truth-telling commands us to […]

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