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Preaching on Sexuality Issues

Why preach on sexuality issues? Breaks the silence on sexuality in religious spaces and helps reduce stigma. Affirms that sexuality is a sacred gift of our createdness. Addresses harmful biblical messages that are pervasive in the culture. Acknowledges the reality of people’s lives. Demonstrates that religious leaders are comfortable talking about sexuality issues and open […]

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Christian Sermon Starter, Weekend of Prayer for LGBTQ Justice

Content In the first reading, Isaiah describes how way the people of God are separated from the ways of God, confessing their misdeeds and transgressions. Isaiah pleads with God for reconciliation, for God to “tear open the heavens and come down,” and for God’s mercy and forgiveness. Isaiah reminds God of their relationship as creations […]

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Preaching and Congregational Resources for Responding to Racism, White Supremacy, and Police Violence

A list of resources that can be helpful for preaching and congregational work centered on racial justice.

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Share Your Gilead Sabbath Sermon

A collection of sermons preached as part of the Gilead Sabbath Initiative.

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Sample Sermons on Sexuality

A collection of sermons related to sexuality. Updated January 2014.

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