Social Action Resources Related to LGBTQ Justice

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10 Ways to Serve Transgender Congregants

Add a nondiscrimination clause to the congregation’s bylaws and hiring policies protecting gender identity and gender expression. Learn the language of gender identity and transgenderism. “Transgender” and “transsexual” are not synonymous, and terms such as “transvestite” and “hermaphrodite” are no longer in favor and may be offensive to some. The definitions provided in this guide […]

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10 Ways to Serve LGBTQ Families

Use inclusive language in all written and oral communications to recognize the diversity of family structures. Don’t use language that suggests that “family” only means a mom and a dad. Feature photographs of same-sex couples and their children in the congregational directory, on your web site, etc. Recognize and honor diverse families in worship services, […]

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10 Ways to Serve LGBTQ Youth

1. Ensure that all clergy and staff who work with youth are trained in adolescent growth and development and adolescent sexuality, and that this training includes sexual orientation and gender identity issues. 2. Offer faith-based, age-appropriate sexuality education to youth in your congregation. Our Whole Lives, created by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United […]

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10 Ways to Serve Intersex (DSD) Congregants

Learn the basics and language of intersex or DSD conditions. Research some of the medical conditions that fall under the DSD umbrella. The Intersex Society of North America is a great first resource. Be sure the clergyperson has ability to provide support to a family with a baby born with DSDs, including referrals. Use inclusive language whenever […]

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10 Ways to Serve Lesbians & Gay Congregants

Signal to lesbian and gay congregants and guests that they are welcome. A rainbow flag on your web site or posted near the front door, a statement of welcome in the weekly bulletin, and photos of same-sex couples in the congregational directory are all simple ways of communicating inclusion. Reach out to lesbian and gay […]

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