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Additional Education Resources for National Weekend of Prayer

(List in formation) Educational Resources from the National Weekend of Prayer for Transgender Justice Religious Institute Resources Center Institute for Welcoming Resources Return to National Weekend of Prayer Home Page

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Preaching and Congregational Resources for Responding to Racism, White Supremacy, and Police Violence

A list of resources that can be helpful for preaching and congregational work centered on racial justice.

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Religious Education Resources on Transgender Justice

Religious education resources developed for the National Weekend of Prayer for Transgender Justice, including fact sheets, videos, articles, and curricula.

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Reproductive Justice Library: Rachel Sabbath Initiative

Theological Frameworks Open Letter to Religious Leaders on Maternal Mortality and Reproductive Justice. Open Letter to Religious Leaders on Abortion as a Moral Decision Open Letter to Religious Leaders on Family Planning   Online Resources on Family Planning Expanding Family Planning Options through Partnerships with Faith-Based Organizations (Institute for Reproductive Health, Georgetown University, 2006).  Highlights the […]

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Annotated Bibliography of Sexuality Education Curricula

Many sexuality education curricula are available for use in faith communities with congregants of all ages from pre-school through adulthood. While a diversity of approaches and educational styles are used and the programs support the values of the particular faith community, each of the curricula listed below supports sexuality as a special gift to be […]

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