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Social Action Resources on Transgender Justice

NEXT STEPS FOR FAITH COMMUNITIES Praying for transgender justice is a great first step for faith communities. Actually manifesting a world in which transgender people are able to live and flourish in all aspects of life obviously requires more than prayer, however, and people of all faiths and no faiths are needed in the struggle. […]

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Take Brave Action: Participate in the United for Abortion Coverage Week of Action

For 40 years, politicians have used the Hyde Amendment, which denies coverage for abortion for those insured through Medicaid, to interfere in women’s health decisions. For those struggling to make ends meet—including people of color, low-income women, young people, and immigrants—a coverage ban might as well be a ban on abortion altogether. In the last […]

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Advocate for Global LGBTQ Justice

Gilead Sabbath ›› Social Action Resources ›› Advocate for Global LGBTQ Justice How Your Community Can Advocate With the help of our Gilead Sabbath Advisory Committee, we have developed a number of ways your community can be involved in advocating around the violence, discrimination, and persecution of LGBTQ people in the United States and across the globe. Click the links below […]

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Five Steps to LGBTQ Advocacy & Outreach

STEP 1: STAY CURRENT Effective advocacy begins with a solid grounding in the issues. Public policy debates, pending legislation and court decisions, and denominational action on LGBT concerns all provide excellent fodder for sermons, congregational forums and public outreach. Following is a list of e-newsletters available from faith-based and secular organizations on the front lines […]

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