What do you want the world to look like?

“What do you want the world to look like?” That’s the question the Religious Institute board of directors asked each other when we met in March.

Our answer came down to this: The Religious Institute envisions a world where bodies and spirits are liberated from oppression.Can you give $50 to help make this vision a reality?

We can’t realize this vision without all of you who are part of our network. You show up as donors, speakers, and people of faith and conscience ready to embody this vision. You sign on to briefs to the Supreme Court and observe weekends of prayer in support of LGBTQ justice. You show up at Abortion + Faith trainings, willing to be vulnerable and share your stories. You read our updates and share our statements on social media. You write for your local papers and speak out in your faith communities.

Thank you. You are the reason we aim so high and dream so big. Every time you donate to the Religious Institute you’re saying that you too envision a world where bodies and spirits are free, and you believe that the Religious Institute is helping to create that world.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 this summer so that we can offer three workshops on faith and reproductive justice for religious leaders around the country. Will you help us get there with a generous donation?

Together we can create a world where bodies and spirits are free from oppression.

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