We Will Continue to Work Toward a More Just and Free World

All of us at the Religious Institute would like to extend our thanks and deep gratitude to all of you who spoke out during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. From our progressive organizational partners to our board members to people of faith across the country – you were loud and clear about how your faith and values called you to oppose his nomination. 
We are also deeply grateful to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford for her courage and her witness. We sent a thank you card to let her know that as an organization representing thousands of people of faith, we hear her, we believe her, and we are grateful to her.

Many of you shared your stories on social media, some for the first time. To all of you who told your stories – we hear you too. We believe you too. We are grateful to you too. Many of you were called on to care for survivors during this difficult time when their trauma was being revisited in the 24-hour news cycle. Thank you for your care.
We did everything in our power to stop this nomination. And ultimately, we did not succeed. But we must not give up hope. We continue to see progressive people of faith and conscience coming together to fight for our communities. This movement is only getting stronger. Let us remember our values, let us ground ourselves in faith and practices that are lifegiving, and let us continue to work together for a world where all bodies and spirits are free from oppression.

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