People of Faith: Show Us Your Spirit

This has been a difficult year for LGBTQ rights in the United States. From the administration’s decision to rescind protections for LGBTQ people under Title IX, the ban on transgender people serving in the military, and the recent Department of Justice guidelines making it easier to discriminate against LGBTQ people to the murders of transgender women of color and the lack of diplomatic action as LGBTQ Chechens are persecuted and killed.

These actions affect LGBTQ people of all ages, and they remind us that our rights are easily undermined and our lives are undervalued in society—realities all too familiar.

This Spirit Day we need your help to advance a different message. 

Spirit Day is an opportunity to show your support for LGBTQ youth and adults and to call for an end to bullying, violence, and discrimination. In our current context, it is also more than that. It is an opportunity to show that people of faith are ready to create a world that is more just for LGBTQ people of all ages and for the most vulnerable in our society.

We’re inviting you to show your support this Spirit Day by sending in your photo and a sentence or two about why you’re celebrating Spirit Day. Throughout the day, we’ll share your photos and messages of support and encouragement on social media. Click here to join us.

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