We’re ready to keep fighting

In the coming year, your support will be crucial. We are likely to face challenges to sexual, reproductive, and LGBTQ rights from every angle imaginable—from federal and state governments, from those who claim the mantle of religion, and even from our neighbors.

Like you, I am worried about these threats. But I know that we are strong, and we are ready to keep fighting. With people like you by our side, we can continue to respond to these threats and to change the culture around religion, sexuality, and justice.

The Religious Institute is poised to lead the way. To do so, we need your support to reach our year-end goal of raising $15,000.

Please click here to make your year-end donation today of $50, $100, $250, or more.

Your support will help us realize the plan I shared with you last week: for every faith community in our network to mount a religious resistance to emerging threats to sexual, gender, and reproductive justice.

We are ready to make this plan a reality. We are ready to respond to attacks on transgender, bisexual, lesbian, and gay Americans. We are ready to resist restrictions to reproductive healthcare and grow the faith movement for reproductive justice. We are ready to offer a moral vision for intersectional justice. This kind of work is not common, and it is more necessary now than ever.

Join us in mobilizing faith communities for immediate action and long-term prophetic resistance.

Help strengthen the faith movement for sexual, gender, and reproductive justice by making a donation today of $50, $100, $250, or more.

In faith,

Rev. Marie Alford-Harkey
President and CEO, Religious Institute

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