Lift Up Your Voice: Speaking Out About the #MeToo Movement

As we continue to awaken the prophetic resistance, we know how important it is for people of faith to speak out and share their stories. That’s why the Religious Institute hopes to provide people of faith with more resources and opportunities to do just that in the coming year. Each month, we’ll be sharing with several topics or questions at the intersection of religion and sexual, gender, and reproductive justice. We hope they will lead you to deeper reflection and prompt you to share your voice. In response to these prompts, we’re encouraging you to submit an op-ed (500-800 words), a personal essay (500-800 words) or to share a story (50-250 words). We’ll follow up with you and help find ways to share your stories and reflections.

This month, we’re inviting op-eds, essays, and stories about the #MeToo movement. Over the past several months, millions of people have come forward to publicly share their experiences of sexual harassment and assault. The broader conversation happening in our culture has opened up space for more people to share their stories and brought to the surface long-standing concerns about sexual misconduct, harassment, and assault in all sectors of society. As we have seen recently, this conversation has also sparked a degree of backlash, resistance, and disagreement. Swirling around all of this are enduring questions about what it means to have ethical sex, navigate the complexity of sexuality, and reckon with the magnitude of sexual violence in our culture and our lives. To help guide your reflections, we’re asking two questions:

  • What does the #MeToo movement mean to you, as a person of faith?
  • What do our faith traditions offer to questions about the nature of ethical sex, the complexity of sexuality, and the pervasiveness of sexual violence? 

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