What’s at Stake With the Nomination of Brett Kavanaugh?

President Trump has nominated Brett Kavanaugh to fill the vacancy left on the Supreme Court by Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement. Kavanaugh was vetted and passed the president’s litmus test: namely, that he would be willing to overturn Roe v. Wade. From what we know about Kavanaugh’s record as a judge, he has been hostile to the Affordable Care Act, reproductive rights, worker rights, and environmental regulations. In addition, he has supported the misuse of religious freedom, the overreaching authority of corporations, and the expansion of executive powers. Our civil and human rights are on the line with Brett Kavanaugh as the Supreme Court nominee.
Our faith traditions teach that access to health care, voting rights, immigrant justice, LGBTQ rights, and criminal justice reform are moral imperatives and central to the common good. The Supreme Court influences the shape of our society, including our laws around gender and sexuality. Confirming Brett Kavanaugh would threaten basic civil and human rights. So much is at stake. As people of faith, we must contact our elected officials and demand judicial nominees who will protect the rights of all Americans, not just the wealthy and powerful.

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