Help Awaken the Prophetic Resistance

In the face of constant attacks on sexual, gender, and reproductive justice, a prophetic religious resistance is awakening. You and thousands of people of faith are speaking out and taking action.

Together, we are creating a movement that is poised to respond to the problems facing our communities. As our movement grows and we build on the progress we’ve made, we need your help to reach our fullest potential.

Will you to recommit to this movement by giving as generously as you can to the Religious Institute?

This year, we have seen the importance of a faithful perspective that embraces sexual, gender, and reproductive justice. From anti-transgender bills and attempts to repeal the ACA to businesses seeking a right to discriminate against LGBTQ people and presidential efforts to roll back contraceptive coverage, you have joined us in boldly resisting injustice.

At the Religious Institute, we understand the importance of long-term, sustainable justice. We know that what is needed is a prophetic transformation of faith communities as well as society. That is why, in addition to our social advocacy, we are also working to break the silence around sexuality in congregations, train a generation of sexually healthy seminarians, and partner with denominations to create systemic change.

Will you make a donation today to help awaken the prophetic resistance?

As a token of our gratitude, if you donate $50 or more, we’ll send you a lapel pin with our newly-designed logo. Thank you in advance for giving as generously as you can.

Together, we will continue to awaken the prophetic resistance.

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