Faith Communities

Sexually Healthy Congregations

The Religious Institute provides a wide range of services and information for congregations that want to be sexually healthy and responsible, and to raise a prophetic voice for reproductive justice.

Sexually Healthy Religious Professionals

The Religious Institute is committed to assuring that the nation’s clergy and religious professionals will have the education, skills and commitment to be sexually healthy and responsible leaders. Sexually healthy religious professionals—clergy, religious educators, youth advisors, and pastoral counselors—are comfortable with their own sexuality, have skills to provide pastoral care and worship on sexuality issues, maintain professional boundaries and avoid misconduct, and are committed to sexual justice in the congregation and the society at large.

Sexually Healthy Seminaries, Divinity and Rabbinical Schools

The Religious Institute has engaged seminaries across the country to institute new courses and institutional changes on sexuality issues, through sexuality education for seminarians, including a classroom graduate course; an online, graduate-level course; faculty and student training workshops; and ongoing research on seminary practices.

Sexually Healthy Denominations

The Religious Institute works with staff from more than 15 major denominations and the National Council of Churches of Christ on such issues as sexuality education, sexual abuse prevention, HIV prevention, full inclusion of LGBT people, and ordination requirements for religious professionals. The Religious Institute also works with denominations on evaluating the sexuality-related policies and programs of their congregations.