Resolution On Homosexuality, 1976

WHEREAS, Homosexuality has become an open life-style for increasing numbers of persons, and

WHEREAS, Attention has been focused on the religious and moral dimensions of homosexuality, and

WHEREAS, It is the task of the Christian community to bring all moral questions and issues into the light of biblical truth.

Now therefore, be it RESOLVED, That the messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Norfolk, Virginia, affirm our commitment to the biblical truth regarding the practice of homosexuality and sin.

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Resolution On Homosexuality, 1977

WHEREAS, The precipitous decline of moral integrity in American society continues at an alarming pace, and

WHEREAS, A campaign is being waged to secure legal, social, and religious acceptance for homosexuality and deviant moral behavior at the expense of personal dignity, and

WHEREAS, The success of those advocating such deviant moral behavior would necessarily have devastating consequences for family life in general and our children in particular, and

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Resolution On Homosexuality, 1980

WHEREAS, All across our nation there is a concerted effort by "Gay Activists" and liberal humanistic politicians to pass ordinances which, under the deceptive guise of human rights, have the effect of giving public approval to the homosexual lifestyle, making it equally acceptable to the biblical heterosexual family life style, and

WHEREAS, Southern Baptists have the opportunity to become involved in their own communities in this struggle.

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Resolution On Homosexuality, 1985

WHEREAS, There is a concerted effort by some to pass public ordinances which, under the deceptive guise of human rights, has the effect of giving public approval to the homosexual lifestyle; and

WHEREAS, There is an effort to have homosexuals identified as a minority, thereby attempting to gain affirmative action protection and preference for hiring.

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Resolution On Support Of The Boy Scouts Of America

WHEREAS, The Boy Scouts of America is now the subject of sustained attack because of its refusal to allow homosexuals as Scout leaders and its commitment to maintain references to God within its oath and literature; and

WHEREAS, This attack is part of a larger assault on all organizations which refuse to accommodate the demands of homosexual activists or atheists; and

WHEREAS, Many Southern Baptist churches sponsor Boy Scout troops.

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Resolution On Homosexuality, Military Service And Civil Rights

WHEREAS, Homosexuality is immoral, contrary to the Bible (Lev. 18:22; 1 Cor. 6:9-10) and contrary to traditional Judeo-Christian moral standards, and the open affirmation of homosexuality represents a sign of God’s surrendering a society to its perversions (Rom. 1:18-32); and

WHEREAS, Open and avowed homosexuality is incompatible with the requirements of military service according to high ranking military leaders and most military personnel; and

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Resolution On Homosexual Marriage

WHEREAS, In May 1993, the Hawaiian Supreme Court ruled that the state’s exclusion of same-sex couples from marital status may be contrary to the Hawaiian state constitution because it amounts to invidious discrimination; and

WHEREAS, The Hawaiian Supreme Court has instructed the state of Hawaii to prove compelling state interests for limiting marriage to heterosexual couples; and

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Resolution On Domestic Partner Benefits

WHEREAS, An increasing number of businesses, including corporate leaders such as IBM, AT&T, Sprint, Hewlett?Packard, Xerox, Time?Warner, Microsoft, Eastman Kodak, and Walt Disney, have established employee policies that recognize and extend employee benefits to a category of personal relationship called "domestic partner"; and

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Resolution On President Clinton’s Gay And Lesbian Pride Month Proclamation

WHEREAS, The President of the United States has proclaimed the month of June in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and ninety-nine as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month; and

WHEREAS, The President’s proclamation not only calls on Americans to show tolerance toward the practice of homosexual and lesbian sexual activity in our country, but to affirm, celebrate, and glorify such practices; and

WHEREAS, The Bible clearly teaches that homosexual behavior is an abomination and shameful before God; and

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