Rights of Homosexuals (CCAR)

Adopted by the CCAR at the 88th Annual Convention of the Central Conference of American Rabbis or subsequent to that Convention in 1977

WHEREAS, the Central Conference of American Rabbis has consistently supported civil rights and civil liberties for all people, especially for those from whom these rights and liberties have been withheld, and

WHEREAS, homosexuals have in our society long endured discrimination,

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NER-CCAR Passes Resolution in Support of Marriage Ruling; Opposes Efforts to Undermine Equality for Same-Sex Couples (CCAR)

On January 14, 2004, the Northeast Region of the Central Conference of American Rabbis (NER-CCAR) unanimously passed a resolution supporting equal marriage rights for same-sex couples. The resolution voices support for the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s ruling in Goodridge v. Dep’t of Public Health that excluding gay and lesbian couples from marriage violates the state Constitution.

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On Convening in States Denying Legal Protection of Civil Rights for Gays and Lesbians (CCAR)

Adopted by the 104th Annual Convention of the Central Conference of American Rabbis
Montreal, Quebec, June 1993

WHEREAS, the CCAR has a longstanding commitment to civil rights of all individuals regardless of sexual orientation, and

WHEREAS, there is a concerted effort to block implementation of civil rights protection for gays and lesbians, evidenced by the passage of Amendment II by the voters of Colorado in November, 1992, and,

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Molestation of Children (CCAR)

The CCAR views with deep anguish increasing evidence of the rise of child abuse, and especially child sexual abuse, in this country. The physical suffering and the psychological scars resulting from these criminal acts will have tragic impact on this generation and on generations yet to come. We are most sympathetic for these abused children, who are often victimized by the act and by doubts of the legitimacy of their testimony.

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Child Abuse (CCAR)

Recognizing the inalienable rights of freedom of thought and expression inherent in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States that has enabled all American citizens to strive for, and often reach, the fulfillment of their human potential, the Central Conference of American Rabbis nevertheless declares its abhorrence and outrage at the almost epidemic proportions of child abuse experienced by so many of America’s children at the hands of their parents, guardians and others who would exploit them physically, sexually and commercially.

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Abortion (CCAR)

1. The Central Conference of American Rabbis considers as religiously valid and humane such new legislation that

a) recognizes the preservation of a mother’s emotional health to be as important as her physical well-being; and

b) properly considers the danger of anticipated physical or mental damage; and

c) permits abortion in pregnancies resulting from sexual crime including rape, statutory rape, and incest.

We strongly urge the broad liberalization of abortion laws in the various states, and call upon our members to work toward this end. (1967, p. 103)

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Women’s Health (URJ)

Adopted at the 62nd General Assembly
San Francisco, CA

Our tradition teaches us that life and health are precious and that it is the obligation of individuals and society to protect both. As a movement, we have therefore consistently advocated universal health care and equality for women in all health care programs.

Women are short-changed in many aspects of health care, from research and prevention to treatment, access and education. Addressing these inequities is fundamental to women’s rights.

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