Sexual Ethics

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For nearly 30 years, GCSRW has led the UMC in advocating for complainants, conducting pastor training, urging policy development in annual conferences, and training Response Team and Cabinets re: ministerial misconduct of a sexual nature [see  <> ]. This new legislation codifies what has long been an essential function in practice. 
Add new paragraph section to ¶2103: 
¶2103.11: The commission shall address the problem of sexual misconduct in the church. The commission shall provide leadership in providing resources for the prevention of and education about misconduct of a sexual nature, training opportunities for clergy and laity, policy and procedural recommendations for transformative and administrative fair processes, victim/survivor support, and congregational healing. The commission shall promote interagency coordination through its leadership of the Interagency Sexual Ethics Task Force and by assisting annual conferences, local churches, councils, boards, commissions, schools of theology, and other related institutions in witnessing to healthy boundaries within ministerial relationships. 



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