Recommendations in Regard to the Human Sexuality Study

Recommendations in Regard to the Human Sexuality Study

Adopted by the Eleventh General Synod, United Church of Christ


“Resolved, that the Eleventh General Synod of the United Church of Christ: Calls upon the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries to continue to provide leadership in developing resources concerning human sexuality for appropriate use by various
age groups in local churches and to provide consultative services and training for Conference, Associations, and congregations
who wish to sponsor programs concerned with human sexuality and family life.”

“Requests the UCC-related seminaries, Conference, and Instrumentalities to continue developing courses and resources through which clergy, seminary students, and laity may be prepared to minister in the area of human sexuality and to address related public policy issues.”

“Urges pastors, members, congregations, Conferences and Instrumentalities to support programs in which information about human sexuality can be made available through such major American institutions as elementary and secondary education, adult education, social welfare agencies, medical services, and the communication media.”

“Calls upon the Board for Homeland Ministries, the Commission for Racial Justice, the Office of Communication, and the
Conferences to develop and share model programs that can help local churches minister to and educate their communities about the components of sexual violence, including rape, marital violence, child abuse, abusive medical practices, and domination and submission images in the media of relationships between women and men portrayed as exclusive expressions of human interaction.”

“Affirms the wide public attention being given to issues related to sexuality and sex roles, particularly as they affect women, but expresses concern regarding the need to explore such issues as they affect men. The Eleventh General Synod urges the Board for Homeland ministries, the Office for Church Life and Leadership, Conferences, Associations, and congregations to develop programs which take into account the needs, experiences and viewpoints of both males and females, and which encourage further understanding of sexual identity; the effects of sex role stereotyping and present economic, legal, political, and other societal conditions based upon gender.”

“Recognizes that diversity exists within the UCC about the meaning of ordination, the criteria for effective ministry, and the relevance of marital status, affectional or sexual preference or lifestyle to ordination and performance of ministry. It requests the congregations, Associations, and Conferences to address these issues seeking more full and common understanding of their
implications. It requests that Office for Church Life and Leadership to develop resources to facilitate such understanding.”

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