Questions and Answers: child abuse, spouse abuse

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by President Gordon B. Hinckley
Second Counselor in the First Presidency

6. What about some of the distressing problems that afflict our society, such as child abuse?
As you know, we have recently issued a booklet on child abuse. We deplore this terrible thing which seems to be growing in the world. Of course, it is not new. It has gone on for generations. It is serious, and we so regard it. Sexual abuse of children on the part of fathers, or anyone else, has long been a cause for excommunication from the Church. No man who has been ordained to the priesthood of God can with impunity indulge in either spouse or child abuse. Such activity becomes an immediate repudiation of his right to hold and exercise the priesthood and to retain membership in the Church.

I am glad that there is a growing public awareness of this insidious evil. The exploitation of children, or the abuse of one’s spouse, for the satisfaction of sadistic desires is sin of the darkest hue. 

from Gordon B. Hinckley, “Questions and Answers,” Ensign, Nov 1985, 49

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