Abortion–Major Wrong or Basic Right? (Rabbinical Assembly)

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“Obviously, there can be no totally satisfactory solution to the abortion problem, which is itself a symptom of a tragedy. The choice of the lesser of two evils must the the goal in guiding society to a rational decision.

So long as we must depend upon a legal system rather than upon the human conscience to enforce an ethical code, it is clear that the best solution lies in preserving a basically liberal attitude toward abortion with conservative safeguards. That is to say, proper facilities for an abortion should be generally available to all classes of the population, while precautionary procedures must be established in special cases.

Over and above its intrinsic value, such a system of checks and balances would represent a protest against the pagan notion that human beings are absolute masters, either of the world about them or of their own persons, or of burgeoning life within them. The triumph of paganism, today as in the past, must lead to moral catastrophe and the destruction of civilization.”

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