A Statement of Christian Conviction

A Statement of Christian Conviction

Sixteenth General Synod


“In light of the pandemic of AIDS that has struck 100,000 people and is expected to spread to millions unless effective medical, educational, research and control programs are established, the Sixteenth General Synod of the United Church of Christ calls upon the churches to embody God’s love for the world and to announce the good news that in Christ, God has redeemed all creation. It also calls for a public response that makes the following affirmations.”

“All persons need to be educated about the pandemic and about prevention of AIDS in ways that enable them to work through their
fears and prejudices and convinces them to adopt effective preventive behavior.”

“Sex education beginning early in elementary school, as called for by the Surgeon General, is a major component of the effort to contain the AIDS pandemic. Curricula need to address the physical, social, and ethical nature of human sexuality and teach skills for responsible personal decision-making.”

“Government funding of research, service, education, treatment and prevention must become a global priority.”

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