1994 Annual Conference Statement on Violence in North America

The Annual Conference of the Church of the brethren, assembled in Wichita, Kansas, this 2nd day of July, 1994, declares or concern about the increasing level of violence in our communities and countries. This violence assaults us in a wide variety of ways. It is felt in the proliferation of handguns, assaults against men, women and children, drive-by shootings, serial and multiple murders, gang warfare, and the increasing use of violence in the entertainment media, particularly television. This increased violence invades our families, our private lives, and our communities. Its destruction falls particularly upon the weak, the poor, and the defenseless.

We believe that the Christian church should be a powerful witness against the use of violence to settle disputes. Faithful disciples of the non-violent ways of Jesus have acted as leaven in the society against the violent trends of every age. Out of devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ we cry out against the violence of our times. We encourage our congregations and agencies to work with other Christians to find dramatic and effective ways to witness to the peace and reconciliation offered through Jesus Christ.

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