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The Religious Institute team offers a broad range of services to people of faith, religious leaders, denominations, seminaries, and faith-rooted organizations. These include providing technical assistance on sexuality-related issues, offering trainings and workshops, speaking at conferences, preaching in faith communities, identifying progressive people of faith to speak with the media, and offering resources to faith communities.

Providing Technical Assistance

Religious Institute staff work with clergy, congregations, seminary professors, and denominational bodies to address broad range of issues related to sexuality, gender, and reproductive justice. To request technical assistance, contact us by phone or using the form below.

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Offering Trainings, Workshops, Sermons, and Speeches

The Religious Institute staff offer trainings, workshops, sermons, and keynote speeches for congregations, conferences, and denominational meetings. Possible topics include sexuality, spirituality, and religion; building sexually healthy faith communities; sexuality education for youth and adults; and other topics related to religion and sexual, gender, and reproductive justice. Click here to invite a speaker or inquire about available dates and fees, or contact us by phone or email.

Assisting Media Outlets

Religious Institute staff regularly speak with media on the record and assist members of the media in identifying additional religious leaders to speak publicly on sexual, gender, and reproductive justice. For press inquiries or further information about the Religious Institute, please contact us at 203-222-0055 or