Sex Offenders

A written policy for addressing a person with a history of offenses wanting to attend or an allegation of a sexual offense committed by a current congregant, including the statement of grounds for possible exclusion of a person with a history of sex offenses.

Demonstrated by written policy that includes naming a response team (to consist of clergy person, director of religious education, board representative, and at least two to three congregants with relevant background) who consult with outside experts (therapist, parole officer) about situation; draft of a limited access/participation form; requirement for periodic review stated.

Note for a small congregation of fewer than 100 people:  the Board of Directors may be the response team.

For referral for evaluations

If the congregation does not know a local treatment provider with expertise in evaluating person’s risks, the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers will send a referral upon request by email.


Reformed Church in America
Guidelines for including ex-offenders in a church.

Unitarian Universalist Association
Process for deciding if and how to include a person with a history of sex offenses in the congregation while assuring safety

Sample Limited Access Agreement