Screening Forms

Screening forms, references, background checks, and annually signed ethics policies for all staff and if applicable, for all volunteers who work with children, youth, disabled persons, elders, and other vulnerable adults.

Demonstrated by policy; existence of screening forms and background check records; personnel files include background check for each staff person; religious education files on volunteers; and copy of ethics policies for staff, religious education volunteers, musicians, pastoral care associates, disabled congregants, home visitors, and older adult ministries, as applicable to the congregation. Note that more rigorous state law takes precedence over these minimum criteria.

NOTE FOR SMALL CONGREGATIONS: May asks  all volunteers to do background checks and then conduct random checks on a specified number each year plus any screening form that raises concerns unless state law requires background checks for everyone who works with children.

Sample Screening Form Template pdf 

Obtaining background checks

NonProfit Risk Management Center


Sample Ethics Policy

UUA Code of Ethics for Adults and Older Youth in Leadership Roles with Youth