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We come together in a desire for equality and justice for all people. We pray for the health and well-being of all women, especially those who lack full access to all forms of healthcare. Inspire us to work for justice, so that no barrier of status or income may divide us, and so that all may receive the healthcare that is best for them. Amen

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We call for a religious and moral commitment to reproductive justice for all.

We acknowledge those women—in the U.S. and abroad—who do not have full access to reproductive healthcare services.

We recognize and affirm the value of every person, regardless of gender, nationality or socioeconomic status.

We affirm that all women are moral agents who have the capacity, right and responsibility to make decisions about their reproductive lives.

Women must be able to make their own moral decisions based on conscience and faith.

The sanctity of human life is best upheld when we assure that it is not created carelessly.

Because life is precious, no woman should be coerced to carry a pregnancy to term.

We lament the punitive measures that limit women’s access to abortion services.

We mourn the 47,000 women who die and millions more who are injured each year because of unsafe abortions.

We lament the conditions that cause women to choose between basic necessities and health services they need.

We pledge to work until all women have the healthcare they need and deserve.

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