Responsive Reading on Adolescent Sexuality

We affirm that sexuality is a divinely bestowed blessing at every stage of life.

May every family and faith community help adolescents embrace their sexuality. 

Young people pay too high a price when adults ignore their responsibility to help them understand, affirm and embrace their sexuality.

A moral sexuality demands self-understanding, respect and self-discipline. 

When parents communicate openly and honestly about sexuality, children are encouraged to express their sexuality in ways that are healthy and life-affirming.

We affirm parents as the primary sexuality educators of their children.

We support our congregation’s role in providing sexuality education to our children and youth.

We commit to supporting sexuality education in our public schools.  

Together:  May our lives model positive, healthy and joyful attitudes about sexuality and relationships, for our children and ourselves.

Based on the Open Letter to Religious Leaders on Adolescent Sexuality

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