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Rooting your community in the experiences of LGBTQ people is the best way to educate them about the complex and frequently challenging realities the Gilead Sabbath Initiative seeks to address. The photojournalism exhibits linked below encapsulate the complexity and humanity of LGBTQ people across the globe. They provide opportunities for education as well as deeper reflection. We encourage you to use these images in religious education sessions as well as a conduit for prayerful reflection.

Double Lives

by Daniella Zalcman features photographs of LGBTQ people in Uganda. The exhibit is described thusly: “These double-exposure portraits feature some of the most visible members of the LGBT rights movement—people who are defiantly public about their sexual identities and determined not to go underground.” See the exhibit and the words of LGBTQ activists here.

Couples in Uganda

by Daniella Zalcman features photographs of LGBTQ couples in Uganda. As the exhibit description reads, “the kuchu population—as its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex citizens are known—has been fleeing the country in droves for even slightly more tolerant neighboring states such as Kenya, Burundi, and Rwanda. Those brave enough to stay have been forced to take their personal lives even further underground. The few community gatherings and safe spaces that once existed for kuchus have vanished.” See the exhibit featuring Kuchu couples here.

Faces of Faith

by Daniella Zalcman is a portrait series that features photographs of religious leaders in Uganda and their words on the Ugandan Kuchu (LGBTQ) population. In describing the exhibit, Zalcman states, “Everyone in Uganda goes to church, mosque, temple, whatever. And religious leaders aren’t just giving sermons. They are really a support network. They are advisers and leaders in their communities and what they say really matters, so I wanted to know the breadth of opinion that was coming from the pulpit every Sunday.” See the exhibit featuring Ugandan religious leaders here. See also an article by Zalcman on this photo series here.

Uganda Pride 2014

by Daniella Zalcman features photographs of a pride celebration in Uganda. “Barely a week after Uganda’s Constitutional Court struck down the infamous Anti-Homosexuality Act on a procedural technicality, the LGBT community held their third annual Pride celebration in Entebbe, on the banks of Lake Victoria…These photos from August 9 mark a turning point in the evolution of Ugandan LGBT rights.” See the exhibit featuring Ugandan Pride festivities.

“Queer Life in Kampala, Uganda”

by Thomas Mainz features everyday images from the lives of LGBTQ people in Uganda. Mainz writes, “On a trip to Uganda this spring, I decided to photograph queer Ugandans to piece together a portrait of their day-to-day lives in the shadow of the Anti-Homosexuality Act. What I learned from them surprised me, even though I had been following the news coming out of Uganda for several years.” See the photographs narrating everyday stories of LGBTQ people in Uganda here.

Many of these exhibits are the work of photographer Daniella Zalcman, more information about her work can be found here. The Religious Institute thanks her for her work and for licensing the above image to the organization.

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