Make Your Faith Community Bisexually Healthy

A bisexually healthy congregation is one where people who identify as bisexual or have bisexual behaviors or attractions hear and see their experiences, concerns, and gifts reflected. Efforts to counter biphobia and bisexual invisibility are apparent in congregational life. Here are some ideas about how to do that.

  • Religious professionals can seek opportunities to educate themselves and to challenge biphobia and bi-erasure.
  • Worship and preaching can be made inclusive and celebratory of bisexuality.
  • All pastoral care providers in the congregation need to be educated about bisexuality and need to have a referral list that is vetted for bi-inclusivity.
  • All adolescents are discovering their sexual and gender identities – it’s a task of adolescence. Youth leaders and pastors can learn to support them in their self-identity and their fluidity.
  • Specific welcome and affirmation are important. Mention bisexuality in worship and preaching, challenge stereotypes, provide information wherever possible.

To learn more about making your faith community more bisexually healthy, purchase Bisexuality: Making the Invisible Visible in Faith Communities.

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