Blessing of Safer Sex Kits

Blessings of Safer Sex Kits

“Out of the Darkness”
World Aids Day Service 2008
by Krishna Stone
based on the work of Anat Schenker-Osario and Alyssa Wulf

Creator of all names, we bless the condoms as we support people:

to see sexuality understood as a natural part of who we are as individuals, a part of our personality; to know sexuality includes enjoyment of the world through the five senses: taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight; to see sexuality in the way the most enlightened of our ancestors saw and used sex for a connection and revelation of the most enlightened portions of their creative energy; to see sexuality understood as existing throughout our lives; to see women and men allowed and expected to have sexual desire; to override dogma from government and religious institutions that use misinformation about HIV prevention and safer sex in their policies; and to know sexuality includes all the feelings, thoughts and behaviors associated with truly believing we are attractive and can feel attractive.

ALL: Our lives matter.

We bless the female condoms and dental dams as we encourage people:

to see a time when sex is not taboo and less demonized; to see more sex-positive thinking; to know that women who identify as lesbian, bisexual or heterosexual can feel safe and in control of their bodies when having safer sex; to have sexuality acknowledged as a basic part of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lives; to see men who identify as gay, bisexual or heterosexual experience sex as an act of love and way of being that promotes a deeper respect for themselves, and those they want to share their energy and care; to know our own values, beliefs, attitudes, limits and boundaries, and respect them; and to understand that sex is an expression of our most genuine gift of ourselves to ourselves, and to those we care about.

ALL: Our lives matter.

We bless the safer sex kits as we advocate for people:

to have a sexuality that lets us feel attractive regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, height, weight, physical or mental ability; to have a sexuality that lets us be ourselves; to see young women and young men who have sex with men not being teased for expressing themselves as competent; to continue to be educated about practicing safer sex as a known way to prevent HIV infection and other sexually transmitted infections; to have it seen that sex can be fun and can also fulfill many emotional and spiritual needs; to recognize sexuality includes how we think and feel; and to allow each of us to define and claim our personal sexuality.

ALL: Our lives matter.

We bless the condoms and lubricant as we nurture people:

to not let culture, media, religious and government institutions, schools, our friends and family tell us what our sexuality means or what we should do with it; to have sexuality be responsible, healthy and satisfying; to learn how to negotiate safer sex with confidence; to be open to support from peer educators and other allies who continue to bring the message of HIV prevention to communities; to have sexuality not be a thing of shame and embarrassment; to see sexuality embraced; and to know sexuality includes all feelings, thoughts and behaviors associated with relationships that include intimacy, as well as sensual and sexual activity.

ALL: Our lives matter.

To the One who has the creative energy for our greatest good, we bless the safer sex kits as we advocate for people:

to have more options for safer sex such as vaginal and rectal microbicides; to see it easier to negotiate a relationship, not so devastating; to see less hypersexualization of youth in our culture; to access safe spaces or support groups to share openly about sex, intimacy and relationships; to see more attention paid to the perception and impact of images we all receive, including pornography; to see people less frustrated in their desire to express themselves; and to see sex as a deeper expression of the God or Goddess within to create love in our lives.

ALL: Our lives matter.

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