Bisexuality: Take Action

The harmful effects of discrimination, marginalization, and invisibility on bisexual+ people are clear. This is why faith communities must lead the way in welcoming and celebrating the gifts of bisexuality.

It’s important for people of faith to challenge bi-erasure and biphobia in the public arena, taking stances for justice and social action because of their faith. Here are a few ideas.

  • Use language that is inclusive of bisexual people.
  • Respect the way people identify and use their preferred terms. Avoid questioning people about the “validity” of their identity.
  • Set aside assumptions about a person’s sexual orientation based on the sex or gender of their partner.
  • Be aware that there is not one way of being bisexual. Educate yourself about the variety of bisexual experience.
  • Speak up when someone makes jokes or inappropriate comments about people who are bisexual. Respond to myths and stereotypes.
  • Be aware that gay and lesbian people are often not very accepting of bisexual people.

For sources and more information, download this excerpt from Bisexuality: Making the Invisible Visible in Faith Communities. 

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