Resources on Preaching

The Religious Institute has a variety of materials that will be helpful for sermon preparation.
Please also check these excellent resources from other organizations.




January Roe v. Wade Anniversary (January 22) Reproductive Justice
  National Sanctity of Human Life Day (Third Sunday in January) Reproductive Choice
February Valentine’s Day (February 4) MarriageMarriage Equality
  Purim (changes annually—usually in February or March) Reproductive JusticeGender Equality
March Women’s History Month Reproductive JusticeGender EqualityFamily Planning
  International Women’s Day (March 8) Reproductive JusticeGender EqualityFamily Planning
  Advent of Spring (March 21) New Sexual Ethic
April Prevent Child Abuse Month Sexual Abuse Prevention, Clergy Misconduct Prevention, Sexual Ethics
May Mother’s Day Maternal HealthFamily Planning, Reproductive Justice
  Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Month Adolescent Sexuality, Comprehensive Sexuality Education
June Gay and Lesbian Pride Month LGBT Inclusion
July Parent’s Day (Last Sunday in July) Family, Love
August Women’s Equality Day (August 26) Reproductive Justice, Gender Equality,Family Planning
September Back-to-School Comprehensive Sexuality Education
October Domestic Violence Awareness Month Sexual Abuse Prevention
  Child Health Day (First Monday in October) Comprehensive Sexuality Education,Preventing Child Abuse
  National Coming Out Day (October 11) LGBT InclusionAnti-LGBT Youth Bullying
  United Nations Day (October 24) International Family PlanningGlobal Reproductive Justice
November Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20) LGBT InclusionAnti-bullying
  Adoption Month Family, Assisted Reproductive Technologies
  Family Caregivers Month Family, Assisted Reproductive Technologies
December World AIDS Day Sexual Health, Reproductive Justice, Sexuality Education
  Human Rights Day (December 10) Sexual Justice
  Christmas Families, Teen Pregnancy, Miracle of All Children