Rachel Sabbath Initiative

Pray. Educate. Advocate.

More than 350,000 women and girls die every year as a result of preventable complications of pregnancy and childbirth, most of them in developing countries.

21 million unsafe abortions take place every year, causing the death of 47,000 women and the injury of 8.5 million more.

Improving maternal health and universal access to comprehensive reproductive health care could prevent up to one third of these deaths.

Raise awareness and support for women around the world by observing a Rachel Sabbath. 

This could be as simple as including a prayer of the day in worship, or could include a sermon and/or religious education on maternal health and mortality. There are many resources available here to help worship leaders, religious educators, and social action committees draw attention to global maternal health and access to family planning.


Worship Resources


Religious Education and Sermon Preparation Resources


Social Action Resources

Why do we call this a Rachel Sabbath? Read Rachel’s Story here.


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