Although bisexual people make up the largest percentage of the LGBTQ community, bisexuality is often invisible in LGBTQ communities and society as a whole. On the whole, faith communities and denominations have not acknowledged or embraced the experiences of their bisexual members or the bisexual community at large. The Religious Institute hopes to change that. Through our congregational guidebook, Bisexuality: Making the Invisible Visible in Faith Communities, our trainings for faith leaders, and our work with individual faith communities, the Religious Institute helps a broad range of faith communities welcome and embrace bisexual people, reflect theologically on bisexuality, and take action to heal the suffering caused by bisexual erasure and marginalization.

What Your Faith Community Can Do

Embracing bisexual people and reflecting theologically on bisexuality brings gifts to congregations and to the practice of faith. When a congregation welcomes and recognizes people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, it builds upon the rich religious history of justice-seeking among religious communities and challenges the notion of religion as intolerant or irrelevant. Such congregations also become safe spaces for youth who are exploring their sexuality and have questions. In addition, by embracing bisexual people, faith communities help create a more open atmosphere where individuals feel comfortable being open about their identity, encouraging authenticity and community among members. Congregations that embrace bisexual persons can also help heal the suffering caused by the invisibility of bisexual people in society.

Learn About Bisexuality
Learn about bisexuality, bisexual erasure, and new models for understanding sexual orientation.

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Explore your Theology of Bisexuality
Reflect on your theology of bisexuality and reimagine sacred sexuality outside of binaries.

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Make Your Faith Community Bisexually Healthy
Celebrate the diversity of sexual orientations and gender identities in worship, preaching, and pastoral care.

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Take Action
Challenge harmful myths and stereotypes by advocating for bisexual rights and recognition in faith communities and society.

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Get the Book

Bisexuality_Book_3DBisexuality: Making Visible the Invisible in Faith Communities is the first congregational guidebook ever written on bisexuality. A multifaith compendium of stories and congregational resources, Bisexuality helps faith communities minister to bisexual people and their families answering such questions as: How can a congregation become welcoming and inclusive of bisexuals? What does Scripture say about bisexuality? Can a minister or rabbi be openly bisexual and serve a congregation? This guidebook is designed to help congregations understand bisexuality and to encourage faith communities to “make the invisible visible.” Religious leaders and congregations can use this guidebook to inspire theological reflection and action in their faith communities. Click here or the book cover to purchase – also available in print and Kindle format on

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