Whatever happens at General Conference…

A love Letter to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and gender non-conforming United Methodists.

Whatever happens at General Conference, you are not…

incompatible with Christian teaching.
an abomination.
a burden.
a theological problem to be solved.
an issue to be debated.
a threat to the unity of the church.
a source of division.
the charges that were brought up against you.
the hate mail you received.
the threats to your ministry.
the threats to your life.
the threats to your family.
the betrayal you’ve experienced.
the whispers at church.
the condemnation that’s been preached from the pulpit.
the closet you’re not yet ready (or able) to leave.
asking too much to have your dignity and worth acknowledged.
asking too much to demand that the harm stop now.
asking too much to refuse to leave behind your LGBTQ siblings.
asking too much to have your fabulousness recognized.
lacking in dignity, integrity, or worth.
reducible to the outcome of General Conference.

You are…

a child of God.
beloved by God.
beautifully and wonderfully made by God.
the image of God.
allowed to be bold.
allowed to be yourself.
allowed to be complicated.
allowed to be mad or sad or angry or frustrated or desperate or tired.
allowed to be fully human.
allowed to laugh.
allowed to cry.
allowed to be imperfect.
allowed to ask for more than crumbs.
allowed to have a vision for the future.
allowed to speak that vision aloud.
allowed to fight to make that vision a reality.
allowed to take a breather.
allowed to prioritize self-care.
worthy of a life free from fear and anxiety.
worthy of safety.
worthy of community.
worthy of love.

We will…

give you the space and support you need.
listen to you.
share your stories.
work to end the harm caused in the name of religion.
break the silence around gender and sexuality in religious communities.
center your experiences as LGBTQ United Methodists.
fight for justice.
work toward a justice that is deeply intersectional. 
not leave anyone behind.
strive to be better allies.
apologize when we miss the mark.
build this future together.
be by your side.

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