A Message From Our President Rev. Marie Alford-Harkey

Friends, colleagues, and members of the Religious Institute’s network,

I have some serious news to share with you today. The Religious Institute is currently experiencing a financial emergency, and we need your help.

We started the year already behind schedule on fundraising, and a few weeks ago, one of our major funding partners put a temporary hold on any further commitments. This means that the Religious Institute needs to raise $100,000 immediately or otherwise face laying off staff, significantly reducing our work, or even closing our doors.

Here’s the good news. Our board and staff have mobilized and managed to raise $47,000 from friends and supporters. But, the money we’ve raised so far will only allow us to keep our doors open through the end of July. We need your help to raise the other $53,000.

If you’re reading this, you have probably partnered with the Religious Institute over the past few years. You may have taken action through our amicus briefs, open letters, and petitions. You may have observed National Weekends of Prayer, shared our prayers with your congregation, or prayed with us in person. You may have read our guidebooks, attended our workshops, taken our courses, or participated in our webinars.

Now we’re turning to your for support. We need your help if we want to continue the culture-shifting, transformative work we do. Can you make a donation to help support the Religious Institute at this critical time? Today, we need you to become a monthly donor, make a one-time contribution, or increase your annual gift. Every donation truly does make a difference.

Thank you in advance for supporting our mission and giving as generously as you are able. We are a small team here at the Religious Institute, and that means that I see your donations when they come in. Each time I see your name, I say a small prayer of gratitude that you have chosen to support this work. We cannot do this without you.

You can click here or on the button above to make a a donation. If you’d like to increase your impact, you can start a fundraiser for us on Facebook.

With your help, we know it is possible for the Religious Institute to thrive and continue working tirelessly and faithfully toward our vision. Together, we can create a world where bodies and souls are free from oppression.


Rev. Marie Alford-Harkey
President & CEO

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