More Than 1000 Diverse Religious Leaders Support Birth Control

More Than 1000 Diverse Religious Leaders Support Birth Control
Religious Institute Applauds Proposed Rule on Family Planning Access for All Women

February 6, 2013—More than 1000 religious leaders from across the theological spectrum have joined together to support safe, affordable, accessible, and comprehensive family planning services.

They demonstrated their support by endorsing the new Open Letter to Religious Leaders on Family Planning, which recognizes that all women must have equal access to contraception, and states that “the denial of [coverage for] family planning services effectively translates into coercive childbearing and is an insult to human dignity.” The release of this statement coincides with the recent Obama Administration release of proposed regulations, which affirmed its commitment to assure all women have birth control access without cost or administrative hurdles.

The Open Letter was published by the Religious Institute, a multi-faith organization dedicated to sexual health, education and justice. The Rev. Debra W. Haffner, President of the Religious Institute, said today, “It is a critical misunderstanding to equate the minority of those religious leaders who have fought the coverage of birth control during the past year with threats and lawsuits, with the majority of people of faith in the United States who support access to contraception. Let us be clear that support for religious freedom means that women must have the right to accept or reject the principles of their own faith without restrictions, regardless of their place of employment or geographical location. It is unethical for any single religious voice to claim to speak for all religious people in this debate.”

Read the full press release here.

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