Celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month in Your Congregation

June marks LGBTQ Pride Month, a time to commemorate the history of LGBTQ resistance, celebrate the LGBTQ community, and recommit to the fight for LGBTQ liberation. There is a long history of LGBTQ religious activism, and faith communities continue to be vital in the ongoing struggle to create safe, just, and thriving communities for LGBTQ people.

Whether it’s participating in a local Pride march, celebrating the LGBTQ people in your congregation, or inviting local LGBTQ activists to speak during your service, there are many meaningful ways your faith community can observe Pride.

We have created a resource guide to help your congregation celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month. It includes a brief history of LGBTQ pride, concrete suggestions for observing Pride, as well as a Pride-specific responsive reading, bulletin insert, and reading list. We’ve also highlighted a number of Religious Institute publications and LGBTQ-specific resources which may enrich your faith community’s Pride celebration.

Throughout Pride Month, we’ll also be sharing more ways you can take action for LGBTQ liberation. On June 13th, we’re hosting a webinar with Latinx LGBTQ folks to talk about religion, activism, and remembering the Pulse nightclub shooting. We’ll also be reaching out to all of the religious leaders in our network about joining an amicus brief in an upcoming LGBTQ non-discrimination case heading to the Supreme Court.

As we witness Black trans women being murdered at alarming rates and the Trump administration attacking the dignity, safety, and the very lives of LGBTQ people, we are reminded that Pride commemorates the history of LGBTQ people who refused to remain silent in the face of violence and police brutality. As people of faith, we must carry on the legacy of our forebears, fighting back against the brutality levied against LGBTQ people today and striving for a more just world. Best wishes for a joyous and active Pride Month!

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