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The Religious Institute serves a network of clergy, religious educators, theologians, ethicists and people of faith who are committed to sexual and social justice. Employment and internship opportunities can be found under the About Us section of the website. The Religious Institute offers a variety of communications to network members:

Faithful Voices Network

The Faithful Voices Network unites people of faith who support sexual health, education and justice in faith communities and society.

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Each week, clergy and religious leaders post new information, resources and queries for assistance on sexuality issues from other clergy, religious educators and faith activists. The listserv is limited to religious leaders who endorse the Religious Declaration on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing.

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Our monthly e-newsletter is available free to all members of the Faithful Voices Network. Each month, we gather news and current events on sexuality and religion, highlighting new resources, upcoming events and presentations, and ways to take action for positive change in sexual justice.

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The fan page provides current news and events on religious and sexual justice issues, and is a supportive community for discussion.

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Our staff provides technical assistance to faith communities and sexual and reproductive health organizations.  We help clergy and congregations choose and plan sexuality curricula, develop safe congregational policies, identify local consultants and referral sources, and respond to difficult situations and circumstances around sexuality issues.  Email your request and phone number, and a staff member will contact you.