Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Collaboration of Men and Women in the Church and in the World


1. The Church, expert in humanity, has a perennial interest in whatever concerns men and women. In recent times, much reflection has been given to the question of the dignity of women and to women’s rights and duties in the different areas of civil society and the Church. Having contributed to a deeper understanding of this fundamental question, in particular through the teaching of John Paul II,1 the Church is called today to address certain currents of thought which are often at variance with the authentic advancement of women.

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2004 Statement on Marriage

2004 Statement – PC(USA) pp. 58-59

On Endorsing “A Christian Declaration of Marriage”-From the Presbytery of Santa Barbara

The 216th General Assembly (2004) approved the following:

In response to this recommendation the 216th General Assembly (2004) approved the following:

That the 216th General Assembly (2004) ask all church members to join in a year of prayer for marriage renewal and reconciliation, and urge synods, presbyteries, and local congregations to seek ways of working with other Christian bodies in their areas toward these same purposes.

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1980 Statement on Marriage

1980 Statement – PCUS, 1980, pp. 182, 185-186

2. Is divorce legitimate?

. . . Christians, who are also sinners, do divorce, and the church must deal both with those whose marriages are breaking and with its own role and task.

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Human Sexuality and Sexual Behavior A Social Statement of the American Lutheran Church, a predecessor church body of the ELCA (1980): Ministering as a Church

1. Caring
1.1. The church’s first concern is for people. The body of Christ is a caring community. It cares that each person be in right relationship with God, with neighbor, with nature, with social systems, and with self. It is a caring shared among all the members. It is a mark of Christian love and discipleship. It reaches out to those most in need—the widowed and the orphaned, the weak and the lowly, the despised and the rejected, the hurting and the confused, the lonely and the solitary.

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Human Sexuality and Sexual Behavior A Social Statement of the American Lutheran Church, a predecessor church body of the ELCA (1980): Upholding Marriage

1. Marriage takes many forms in human communities. The Bible records a number of ways in which men and women were united in stable, clearly defined relationships of sexual behavior. Marriage builds on the foundations of trust, mutual acceptance of agreed-upon roles and expectations, community sanction and support, and long-term commitment. Inherent to marriage is sharing the experience of male/female sexual intercourse (1 Cor. 7:2-9).

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Affirming and Strengthening Marriage


(Adopted By General Synod 22 on July 6, 1999)

Whereas, the delegates of the Twenty-first General Synod of the United Church of the United Church of Christ Aaffirmed that the standard for sexual and relational behavior for members of the United Church of Christ is fidelity and integrity in marriage and other covenanted relationships, in singleness and in all relationships of life;" and

Whereas, marriage is recognized as one important covenant in the faith and life of the church;

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