Resolution On Pornography, 1986

WHEREAS, The Southern Baptist Convention has frequently expressed alarm about the consequences of pornography upon the moral, family, and social life of our nation and the dramatic rise in the availability of pornography; and

WHEREAS, New applications of media technology have produced new opportunities for obscene communication through media such as "Dial-A-Porn", cable television and various obscene video cassettes; and

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Resolution On Human Sexuality, 1991

WHEREAS, The Bible reveals God’s design for humanity, organized around the institution of the family; and

WHEREAS, Scripture reveals that human sexuality is a divine gift declared good in His sight and meant for the enjoyment and fulfillment of men and women within the sacred institution of marriage, and only within that institution; and

WHEREAS, Scripture condemns any abuse of sexuality, including premarital sex, adultery, rape, incest, pornography, promiscuity, prostitution, and homosexuality; and

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On Biblical Sexuality And Public Policy

WHEREAS, From the beginning, the Bible establishes the basis for sexuality by declaring that human beings are created in God’s image as “male and female” (Genesis 1:26-27) and that “a man leaves his father and mother and bonds with his wife, and they become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24); and

WHEREAS, Jesus answered questions about marriage by reaffirming this male/female and “one flesh” creation pattern for sexuality (Matthew 19:4-6); and

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Excerpt from “Same-Sex Attraction and Halakhah” (Rabbinical Assembly)

Educational programs geared to teens through USY, Ramah and our congregations should give the following messages, within a broader educational context dealing with issues of sexuality in general:
1. All people are entitled to be treated with human dignity and respected as unique individuals in all programs, institutions and congregations in the Conservative movement.

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Same-Sex Attraction and Halakhah (Rabbinical Assembly)

1) We consider the desire for same sex erotic activity to be a רצי like any other רצי. There should be no discrimination against anyone based merely on the presence or absence of such feelings.
2) Everyone has an equal obligation to observe the law, whatever the content of a person’s רצי may be. We recognize that observing any law will be more difficult for some than for others; people for whom observing a law is more difficult deserve our understanding and support, but their greater degree of difficulty does not absolve them of responsibility.

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We affirm God’s plan for marriage and sexual intimacy – one man, and one woman, for life. Homosexuality is not a "valid alternative lifestyle." The Bible condemns it as sin. It is not, however, unforgivable sin. The same redemption available to all sinners is available to homosexuals. They, too, may become new creations in Christ.

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Same Sex Marriage

Bill Number: DB 1

Reference: Part V, Ministry, Section VI. The Itinerant Ministry, B. Responsibilities, Pg. 118

Intent: To make positive law as it relates to the A.M.E. Church and same sex marriage and to inform both clergy and lay as to the position of our denomination.

Rationale: Same sex marriage has become a major issue in the nation and in churches across the nation. Some court rulings have been in favor of same sex marriage which has given it credibility. There must be no confusion as it relates to the position of our denomination.

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