Recognizing and Ending Domestic Violence in our Congregations

Resolved, That the 79th General Convention of The Episcopal Church continue to speak out clearly against all forms of domestic violence as it has done in the past; and be it further Resolved, That the 79th General Convention encourages Episcopal clergy and congregations to educate themselves on the widespread problem that domestic violence is in their […]

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A Call to Affirmation, Confession and Covenant Regarding Human Sexuality, 1987

A Call to Affirmation
We affirm that sexuality is a good and beautiful gift of God, a gift of identity, and a way of being in
the world as male and female.

We affirm that we can feel positive about our bodies and our sexuality because we are created in
God’s image and know our Creator.

We affirm that sexual drives are a real part of our lives, but that the satisfaction of those drives is
not the chief good in life.

We affirm both the goodness of singleness and the goodness of marriage and family in the Lord.

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Resolution On Domestic Violence, June 1979

WHEREAS, In this country it is now estimated that as many as 2,000 children die each year as a result of domestic violence and as many as two million suffer from abuse and neglect, and

WHEREAS, Children in one of ten American families hit, beat, stab, or shoot their parents, and

WHEREAS, Spouse battering, violent acts by either husband or wife, occur in more than 20 percent of American homes, and

WHEREAS, More police die as a result of answering domestic violence calls than any other aspect of their work, and

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Conditions of Childhood in the United States

Chris, a senior in high school, has lived in fourteen different foster homes. He has been rejected by his alcoholic mother, physically and sexually abused by foster parents, and punished for erratic behavior by frustrated teachers.

A four year old begged the counselor to protect her parents. The uncle, who had sexually molested her, told her that if she breathed a word to anyone about their "secret," her parents would disappear.

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WHEREAS, domestic violence is found in families of all economic levels, among all professions and in all parts of our world, and

WHEREAS, violent acts within the family are receiving increasing publicity, and

WHEREAS, minors, who have little or no influence in decision-making and are incapable of self-protection, are often victims of said violence,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) meeting in Anaheim, California, July 31-August 5, 1981,

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On Marriage, Family, Sexuality, and the Sanctity of Life



The Orthodox Church in America, being, with all Orthodox Churches in the world, the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church of Christ, acting upon her mandate to teach God’s truth to all people, solemnly affirms that every human person is made in God’s image and likeness for everlasting life in God’s coming kingdom.

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2006 Statement on Domestic Violence

2006 Statement – PC(USA), pp. 50-51, 788-789
tem 09-04. Monitoring Report on the Implementation of Turn Mourning Into Dancing! A Policy Statement on Healing Domestic Violence with Recommendations.

The 217th General Assembly (2006) approved the following:

Monitoring Report on the Implementation of Turn Mourning Into Dancing! A Policy Statement on Healing Domestic Violence with Recommendations

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