On Abuse

June 13, 2018

ON ABUSE WHEREAS, God has created every person—male and female—in His own image and with equal value and dignity (Genesis 1:26–27); and WHEREAS, God abhors violence against the weak and defenseless and calls His people to defend the hurt and oppressed (Psalm 82:4), to stand for justice (Psalm 82:3; Proverbs 31:8–9), and to deliver victims […]

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May 20, 2016

Scripture teaches that humans are created in God’s image and that we are accountable to God through right relationship. Sexual images can celebrate the goodness of human sexuality through positive depiction in art, literature, and education. We deplore, however, images that distort this goodness and injure healthy sexual relationships. We oppose all forms of pornography […]

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Oppose Therapists Engaged in Changing Sexual Identity

June 30, 2015

Resolved, That the 78th General Convention supports legislation banning state-licensed therapists and other service providers from engaging in discredited and dangerous practices that try to change a person’s sexual orientation or force them to deny their gender identity. General Convention, Journal of the General Convention of…The Episcopal Church, Salt Lake City, 2015 (New York: General […]

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Clergy Sexual Misconduct Policy – Episcopal Church

September 23, 2014

Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church (2012) TITLE IV: ECCLESIASTICAL DISCIPLINE CANON 2: Of Terminology Used in This Title Sexual Misconduct shall mean (a) Sexual Abuse or (b) Sexual Behavior at the request of, acquiesced to or by a Member of the Clergy with an employee, volunteer, student or counselee of that Member of the […]

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On Sexual Abuse Of Children

June 12, 2013

WHEREAS, The Bible is clear in its affirmation that children are a gift from the Lord (Psalm 127:3–5); and WHEREAS, The Lord Jesus demonstrated His love for children by encouraging them to follow Him, correcting those who hindered them, and condemning those who harmed them (Matthew 18:3–6; Mark 10:13–14); and WHEREAS, The sexual abuse of […]

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