Abortion (CCAR)

1. The Central Conference of American Rabbis considers as religiously valid and humane such new legislation that

a) recognizes the preservation of a mother’s emotional health to be as important as her physical well-being; and

b) properly considers the danger of anticipated physical or mental damage; and

c) permits abortion in pregnancies resulting from sexual crime including rape, statutory rape, and incest.

We strongly urge the broad liberalization of abortion laws in the various states, and call upon our members to work toward this end. (1967, p. 103)

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On Marriage, Family, Sexuality, and the Sanctity of Life



The Orthodox Church in America, being, with all Orthodox Churches in the world, the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church of Christ, acting upon her mandate to teach God’s truth to all people, solemnly affirms that every human person is made in God’s image and likeness for everlasting life in God’s coming kingdom.

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Instruction Dignitas Personae on Certain Bioethical Questions


1. The dignity of a person must be recognized in every human being from conception to natural death. This fundamental principle expresses a great “yes” to human life and must be at the center of ethical reflection on biomedical research, which has an ever greater importance in today’s world. The Church’s Magisterium has frequently intervened to clarify and resolve moral questions in this area. The Instruction Donum vitae was particularly significant.[1] And now, twenty years after its publication, it is appropriate to bring it up to date.

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1998 Statement on Abortion

1998 Statement – PC(USA), pp. 685-686

The 210th General Assembly (1998) of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.):

1. Affirm[s] that all physicians, midwives, and nurse-practitioners who offer reproductive care have a moral obligation and a fiduciary responsibility to advise all new patients who are pregnant or who may become pregnant, of their willingness or unwillingness to provide all legal procedures in their practice of reproductive care, including elective abortion.

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