The Religious Institute connects people of faith with resources, curricula, and publications to implement lifelong, age-appropriate sexuality education in faith communities, schools, and graduate theological institutions. We affirm the religious foundations for supporting sexuality education throughout the lifespan — education that respects the whole person, honors the truth and diverse values, and promotes the highest ethical values in human relationships. We support comprehensive sexuality education programs that are age-appropriate, accurate and truthful. Programs that teach abstinence exclusively and withhold information about pregnancy, contraception and disease prevention fail our young people.

Worship Resources

Scripture Resources
Scriptural reflections, sermon starters, and exegesis related to sexuality education

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Responsive Readings
Litanies and responsive readings related to sexuality education

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Suggested hymns and congregational music related to sexuality education

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Educational Resources

Annotated Bibliography Sexuality Education Curriculum

This a collection of the most recent sexuality education curricula available for use in faith communities. These curricula reflect a diversity of approaches and educational styles and, in some cases, embody the values of particular faith traditions. On the whole, these curricula honor sexuality as a special gift to be nurtured through faith-filled practice, teaching, and dialogue. Learn More

Religious Institute Educational Resources on Sexuality

The Religious Institute has an extensive library of resources for incorporating theological reflection on gender, sexuality, and reproductive justice into your faith community’s religious education offerings. Resources include fact sheets, bibliographies, and sources for religious education lessons. See All Educational Resources

Definitions about Gender and Sexuality

Used correctly, the language describing sexual and gender diversity can encourage deeper reflection and understanding and prevent miscommunication, misperceptions, stereotypes, or discrimination. These definitions are offered to help guide faith communities in their dialogue, study, and reflection on sexuality, gender, and reproductive justice. Read More

Additional Resources

Explore Our Denominational Statements Database

This resource has been created for those seeking up-to-date information about the official positions of major U.S. religious denominations on sexuality-related issues. It includes statements from more than 30 denominations on dozens of issues including marriage, gender identity, abortion, sexuality education, and sexual abuse. Learn More

Online Courses for Religious Professionals

The Religious Institute’s courses and workshops are unique online learning opportunities that facilitate personal reflection and skill development. The courses combine self-directed and interactive learning to help clergy, ministers, and religious educators increase knowledge and skills at the intersection of faith and sexuality. Learn More

A Time to Speak Out

A Time to Speak Out is an online, faith-based guide created in 2009 to empower clergy, religious, and lay leaders to become advocates for comprehensive sexuality education in public schools. The guide provides background on comprehensive sexuality education, theological, and spiritual grounding for advocacy; tools for involvement on the congregational, local, state, and national level; worship ideas; fact sheets; and more. Learn More

Invite the Religious Institute to Your Faith Community

Guest Preaching
Invite the Religious Institute staff to preach on gender, sexuality, or reproductive justice at your faith congregation’s service.
Offering a Religious Education Talk
Invite the Religious Institute staff to offer a talk or a religious education lesson on gender, sexuality, or reproductive justice.
Training Your Faith Community
Invite the Religious Institute staff to offer a training on gender, sexuality, or reproductive justice to the leaders in your congregation, region, or clergy association.