People of faith and religious leader are called to celebrate the presence of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people in our congregations, local communities, and society at large. LGBTQ people are our neighbors, our congregants, and our religious leaders. People faith and religious leaders must help to create new understandings of sexual and gender diversity and promote justice for LGBTQ people in all areas of religious and public life.

Worship Resources

Scriptural Resources
Scriptural reflections, sermon starters, and exegesis related to LGBTQ justice.

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Responsive Readings
Litanies and responsive readings related to LGBTQ justice.

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Prayers related to LGBTQ justice, for use in worship and personal devotion.

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Learn about the Religious Institute’s current and previous projects on LGBTQ justice.

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Educational Resources

Religious Education Resources on Transgender Justice

If your faith community offers opportunities for religious education, it is vital for this dimension of your community to be inclusive of gender diversity. Find Out More

Sexuality and Gender Identity Definitions

When used correctly, the language describing sexual and gender diversity can prevent miscommunication, misperceptions, stereotypes and discrimination. Find Out More

Fact Sheets on LGBTQ Justice

Access facts sheets related to LGBTQ justice, including from current and past projects. These can be used to in congregational study groups and religious education courses. Find Out More

Advocacy Resources

Social Action Resources on Transgender Justice

To fully join the movement for transgender justice, faith communities need to live out and be a force for transgender justice within and outside their walls. Learn how to show up for transgender justice in your local and wider communities. Find Out More

10 Ways to Go Beyond Welcoming and Affirming

Many congregations that profess to welcoming LGBTQ people don’t talk much about LGBTQ issues or aren’t prepared to address the needs of LGBTQ people in ministry. Learn how to break the silence around sexuality and around LGBTQ identities in your faith communityFind Out More

Take Action on LGBTQ Justice

Access all social action resources related to LGBTQ justice, including action guides, lists of organizations, and resources for taking action in faith communities and society. Find Out More

Bisexuality Initiative


Although bisexual people make up the largest percentage of the LGBTQ community, bisexuality is often invisible in LGBTQ communities and society as a whole. On the whole, faith communities and denominations have not acknowledged or embraced the experiences of their bisexual members or the bisexual community at large. The Religious Institute hopes to change that. Through our congregational guidebook, Bisexuality: Making the Invisible Visible in Faith Communities, our trainings for faith leaders, and our work with individual faith communities, the Religious Institute helps a broad range of faith communities welcome and embrace bisexual people, reflect theologically on bisexuality, and take action to heal the suffering caused by bisexual erasure and marginalization.

Recent News on LGBTQ Justice

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